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Inside Love Life Transformation, our 14 week small group program...

You will receive the content, coaching, and community you’ve been needing to move forward in your dating life for months or maybe even years.

This is the next-level guidance and support well beyond what your friends, parents, and self help books can provide, allowing you to finally get in the driver’s seat of your love life and preparing you to create the ultimate relationship you deeply desire.

If you’re a big-hearted babe who’s ready for major growth, deep connection, and loving, fulfilling relationships, keep on reading and get excited to unlock your full love life potential!


Within our LLT program, you’ll explore, master, and implement the 5 powerful components that empowered daters embody, setting you up to create your dream relationship:

Self Relationship

The absolute foundation of any healthy, happy love life is a strong sense of unconditional self worth, core confidence, and self love. In our early weeks together, you’ll learn simple yet powerful practices to transform your relationship with yourself, setting you up to date people who care for you and ultimately love you the way you deserve.

You’ll also move through the freeing process of learning from and releasing the past, and discovering and validating what exactly you need in a partner and in your ideal relationship.


Your mindset plays a massive role in your love life, either serving & supporting you as you move towards creating the relationship of your dreams, or sabotaging your efforts and keeping you stuck with it’s fears, doubts, and negative expectations. In our game-changing Mindset Makeover weeks, you’ll uncover, challenge, and reframe all of the beliefs that have been limiting your love life potential, learn tools for shifting your unhelpful thoughts, and adopt a mindset rooted in love & trust vs. fear.

You’ll also learn an incredible technique for soothing anxiety, fear, and negativity that you can use anytime to get your mind and body back on your team!


In these heart-opening weeks, you’ll learn all of the feel-good ways to raise your vibe so that you start attracting, and literally vibing, with higher quality men and experiences. You’ll get even more specific about who you’re attracting as you create your powerful Dream Partner Wish List, and you’ll start drawing him to you as you practice emotionally connecting to the experience of being with your dream partner.

In this module, you’ll also deepen your own emotional availability- letting your guard down, leaning into your vulnerability, and embodying the qualities you desire in your partner- so that you can attract emotionally available men into your life. You’ll intentionally begin to open up to all of the connections waiting for you, with our 3 methods of meeting potential partners IRL!

Empowered Dating Approach

With your self relationship, mindset, and heartset all aligned with the love life experience you deeply desire, it’s time to start creating an empowered dating life! You’ll learn and implement the empowered approach that cuts through all the modern dating confusion & BS, including creating an *effective* online profile and using the apps to connect and get out on dates with quality people, continuing to meet people IRL, showing up authentically and in your feminine energy (which invites him to take the lead and allows you to relax, enjoy and receive), navigating early conversations to discover intentions and potential compatibility early on, creating space for him to pursue you without playing games, understanding how to build attraction, the role of sex in new dating situations and how to move into exclusivity.

Lasting Relationship Skills

As fun, connected, and exciting as your dating life can be with your new, empowered approach, we want to take you beyond being a great dater and set you up to create healthy, loving, and lasting relationships. The skills you’ll master in our final module will allow you to deepen intimacy, move through the stages of dating –> relationship, navigate conflict in a way that actually moves your relationships forward rather than derailing them, teach someone how to treat you, and co-create lasting love with your Person.

Full love life potential, unlocked!

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Past LLT program clients are excited to share their experiences with you:

I feel infinitely more confident in my dating life after completing LLT!  I am super clear on what I want and need now, I learned to show up authentically in a way I never have before, to trust that I’m a catch, and tune into my own feelings instead of worrying about what my date’s thinking. I feel a million times more likely to find my Person after this experience!

I loved our weekly LLT calls and learning from everyone’s perspectives; that really helped to shift my mindset and to know I wasn’t the only one who sometimes has crazy thoughts. The girls from my group and I still keep and touch and support each other 🙂

I’m now coming at everything in my life, including my dating life, from a place of love and gratitude– it’s incredible.  LLT was the best investment I made all year!

  • – Liz, Houston

I started Love Life Transformation when I was feeling the pressure of dating; getting into a relationship was something that I wanted really badly, and I felt like I was running out of time. I finally gave myself the push to invest in love, it was so worth it!

Evin helped me release the fears, insecurities, and anxiety that had been affecting my dating life and my potential to find a partner…it felt like this weight had been lifted! I learned how operate in relationships, what I need to feel safe and how I want to be loved, and now I get to communicate that to my Person 🙂

I loved the feeling of safety that Evin brings, the tools she gave me to shift my thinking and my experiences, and how she’s always available for support. After every single session, there’s this resounding feeling of growth, progress and positivity!I feel like it’s totally necessary that I went through this transformation to be where I am now. Now, I’m in this new, loving relationship, and because of my work with Evin I’m able to navigate my feelings, open up, and communicate my needs.  I invested in Love Life Transformation, and I’m definitely invested in my new relationship– I know now that I’m so worth it! Thanks, Ev!

  • – Kavita, NYC

Love Life Transformation helped me not only in my dating life, but also helped me improve my self-esteem, my ability to speak up for myself, and truly has helped me reframe what I deserve.  I’ve learned what dating in 2018 should look like, and how I can show up authentically and confidently in any situation with men. I now know I don’t have to play games, put up with someone treating me poorly, and that self-care is critical to success in relationships and life in general.

Evin has changed the approach I take with people and with myself. I’d highly recommend LLT if you’re in a dating rut, or just looking to make your amazing life just that much more sparkly and wonderful! I can’t thank Evin enough!

  • – Nicki, San Francisco

LLT changed my life! I’m not empowered and confident in my dating approach, and I LOVE how my LLT sisters and I continue to cheer each other on even beyond the program 🙂

If you are feeling stuck in your dating life– DO IT, you’re not going to regret it!

  • – Cara, Long Beach

LLT helped me get unstuck, guided me in figuring out what I want in a partner, and made me willing and ready to put myself out there. During the process, Evin gave fun and powerful exercises to do each week, the program kept me accountable, and the end result is that I feel better about dating, more hopeful, and better about myself overall! Her tips and strategies have changed the way that I think about and interact with men, and I’m more confident to start dating and persevere even when it gets frustrating. Throughout the entire journey, Evin was always available to help, non-judgmental, and incredibly supportive!

  • – Kate, Washington, DC

I came to Love Life Transformation when I felt like I had reached a certain level of self-awareness regarding my dating patterns, but I wasn’t sure how to go about undoing some of the behaviors I felt like I was stuck in. With Evin’s help and support, I was able to realize how my fears were sabotaging my dating life and holding me back from what I wanted and what I ultimately deserve, and re-frame them so I could finally move forward. I always looked forward to our weekly sessions, the powerful assignments in between, and Evin’s unconditional support to help me navigate it all was truly invaluable!

I loved that working with Evin felt like I was talking to a girlfriend of mine; she’s SO intuitive and positive, and I felt at ease talking to her about some of my more sensitive issues without ever feeling judged or uncomfortable. Our sessions truly felt like a safe space to be incredibly raw and vulnerable with someone, and that in itself is incredibly healing.

By the end of this program, I was able to face my greatest fears and anxieties, and navigate the (tough) conversations that had held me back for years in my romantic relationships. Today, I’m dating this very sweet and amazing man! I’m able to experience open communication and a level of vulnerability that I really never thought possible with anyone. LLT Coaching was a powerful piece that I needed in order to move forward with the right person (and relationship) I was looking for. I definitely couldn’t have come so far without Evin’s support and push forward; I’m so very grateful!


In life, we can only go so far alone. We’re meant to lean on one another at some point or another.  I urge you to take the plunge with LLT. You won’t regret it!

  • – Vineeta, Los Angeles

Meet Evin

Evin is your Dating & Love Life Coach, group leader, and new BFF.

After a breakup in her mid-20s with the guy she thought was “The One,” Evin experienced the hot mess that is modern dating for so many millennial women today. Finally fed up with feeling disempowered and disconnected from love, Evin went on her own journey of powerful self work and self discovery, shifting her mindset and heartset with the tools she was using in other areas of life as a Certified Life Coach. She then dove into researching and applying (with herself as the guinea pig!) all of the psychology and strategy behind dating, relationships, and love, and she was blown away by the 180 transformation in her love life.

Inspired to literally share the love, Evin transitioned her Life Coaching practice into specifically empowering and supporting women to transform their dating and love lives. After years of 1:1 coaching and helping clients create their own heart-filling love stories, Evin realized that the path to Love is truly universal and that we can grow and progress so much more quickly when we have the support of other women in the boat with us.

She’s now obsessed with leading intimate groups of women through Love Life Transformation, living out her dreams of being a coach, teacher, den mom, and cheerleader all in one!


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